Leveraging Our Strengths

Highest Value to our Customers

We understand that our utility customers’ primary objective is to maintain a reliable electricity grid. As utilities evolve beyond intermittent renewable power and seek baseload renewable power solutions, they need partners to deliver systems that are safe, reliable, and dispatchable.

Industry Price Leader

We understand that our customers need safe, reliable, firm, renewable power at an affordable price. During the past decade, our team members have set records for delivering the lowest levelized cost of energy to customers, while achieving high-quality standards. We are committed to continuing this success as an industry price leader.

Oversee the Entire Project

We’re more than just an power developer, we’re a true partner. From inception to construction to operations, we continually oversee every step of the project. Renewable power plants require coordination with agencies, suppliers and banks, among others. We manage the complexities of these relationships as a single point of contact for the project. When you work with us, we deliver what we promise.

Proven Track Record

Electricity markets are rapidly transforming. Success today demands developers with a proven track record and a transition strategy that keeps customer needs top of mind. Our team brings both to the table. With more than 10 GWs of power plants developed in some of the most competitive electricity markets, customers benefit from our experience.

Our Unique Approach

We help shape the transformation of renewable power.

Advanced Technology

Our technology expertise is the cornerstone of how we can be so effective in advancing the power industry. Our founding team has deep roots in all aspects of technology, from semiconductors to software. We apply this in-depth technical knowledge to build smarter power solutions.

Smarter Storage

BrightNight is using software to unlock untapped value in hybrid-power plants (PVS) as well as stand-alone storage solutions. Our customers benefit from industry-leading applications that are seamlessly integrated into their operations. Our proprietary software optimizes power grids to make them smarter, more economical, and better balanced to support fluctuating demand. Our advanced modeling and simulation enable right-size power storage based on specific needs, providing our customers with huge efficiencies and greater value.

BrightNight has energy experience around the world

Global Reach

The team members of BrightNight grew their initial portfolio in the United States more than a decade ago. California, especially, has long been one of the world’s most complex and most competitive markets. It is also the pioneer in converting to 100% renewables. In addition, our team has built power plants in many markets around the globe. BrightNight is engaged in the United States as well as some of the fastest-growing markets in Asia.