Why We’re Different

Our approach is unique because of our intense focus and understanding of market and customer requirements. BrightNight was built to address today’s market needs. Our foundational strength in R&D and advanced technologies provides our customers with industry leading renewable power solutions. Through our proven approach, we deliver segment-specific roadmaps with waterfall deployments that are completely technology-agnostic, allowing us to provide the most effective platform tailored to each individual project and customer need.

Our team’s expertise, knowledge, and skills are rich and vast. We’ve sought out the best minds in energy and technology to fulfill our vision for renewable, dispatchable power.

BrightNight - Our Mission is to help accelerate the transformation in electricity and provide clean, firm renewable and affordable energy to large growth markets.

Our Vision for the Future


We aim to provide clean electricity at industry-leading prices to 100 million people around the world.


Our mission is to deliver reliable, safe, and affordable renewable power solutions, to high-growth markets around the world, and pave the way to global decarbonization.