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Dispatchable renewable power designed for any need

Our C&I customers are working to insulate their operations from changing grid dynamics, energy intensive facilities, and ensuring continuity of operations. BrightNight systems are tailored to address these needs through our optimized dispatchable systems capable of providing power from the standard “as available” to the 24 x 7 full requirement system.

  • Meeting the needs of our C&I customers – The BrightNight team is working with C&I customers across the U.S. and Asia Pacific to deliver decarbonized solutions. Whether our customers are driven by mandates to reduce carbon or a voluntary ESG goal, or both, our solutions meet customer energy demands and exceed their expectations. With safe, reliable, clean renewable power systems, BrightNight helps our C&I customers to meet their carbon reduction targets, transition to clean energy systems, mitigate the carbon risk, and keep a competitive advantage in a decarbonized world.

    Our customers go beyond the utility sector. We’re helping C&I customers improve resilience, keep operating costs low, and meet their carbon reduction goals.

  • Example of C&I customers include:

    • Energy intensive manufacturing facilities, such as chemicals, steel, semiconductor manufacturing plants, etc.
    • Data centers
    • Automotive manufacturing plants
    • Hydrogen processing facilities

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