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LinkedIn Article By Maribeth Sawchuk,
Vice President of Communications

Whether inspiration comes from longtime “professional experience” trailblazers like Google or pondering the concept of post-pandemic professional life, the global workforce is thinking hard about how they want to work. Work from home? The office? Something in between? Today, the global workforce is regrouping and companies are reconsidering what it means to manage a workforce, attract the best talent, and blaze the trail for the new and improved professional experience.

BrightNight is reimagining what it means to create a team. They prioritize talent over location. They regard their seasoned professionals like the trustworthy adults that they are and offer “flex time” instead of subscribing to the draconian “Paid Time Off” model. They don’t promote the common hierarchy but instead foster a task-driven leadership. BrightNight’s recruiting strategy is simple: find professionals with equal passion and dedication to the company’s goal. As a result, the company has built a lean machine of talented minds, each with the capability of easily running their own company. But together, the group cohesively works across three continents, all driven by the same goal: global decarbonization. The carefully purveyed team also means that each member has a unique role and set of experiences; an ideal professional experience for someone ready to be a leader and see their contributions take immediate effect.

The team behind BrightNight is more than a group of qualified professionals, it’s a group of passionate experts eager to execute meaningful work during a transformative period in global power. During a recent discussion, BrightNight’s CEO Martin Hermann characterized the team as his “talented colleagues set to deliver on industry leading work that will drive exponential growth across our market.” The BrightNight team is growing, and much like the company’s plans for renewable power, their growth is impressive and it’s happening fast.

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