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What is PowerAlpha?

Renewable energy sector has seen unprecedented growth in the past decade. Global renewable capacity additions are set to soar by 107 gigawatts (GW), the largest absolute increase ever, to more than 440 GW in 2023 (IEA) International Energy Agency). With this growth, renewable energy projects development business has become an intensely competitive space. Renewable projects are inherently complex and have a multi-decade project lifecycle, making them especially sensitive to project assumptions made over the lifecycle of the project. What if that risk could be dramatically reduced and, in the process, the ideal project defined? This is the power of PowerAlpha.

  • Lowest levelized cost of energy

    PowerAlpha identifies the ideal configuration for the highest value

  • Customized Solutions

    PowerAlpha optimizes hybrid projects to deliver reliable power based on each customer’s needs

  • Smart O&M

    PowerAlpha makes real time dispatch recommendations

  • BrightNight’s PowerAlpha uses sophisticated AI technology to support the successful integration of renewable power infrastructure into today’s grid. PowerAlpha helps take renewable solutions beyond their basic capability and meet the needs of today’s dynamic power demand.

  • PowerAlpha uses AI to find the best technology-agnostic solutions for our diverse customers based on their specific needs. PowerAlpha’s strategic approach can be broken down into three simple phases:

    • Design hybrid renewable power projects to build a portfolio solution for lowest cost and maximum return.
    • Optimize generation and storage assets to customize the power solution for customer’s unique needs and its broader portfolio.
    • Operate the power solution, managing hybrid renewable assets for minimizing downtime risks and making dispatch decisions for firm power.
  • PowerAlpha is designed to reduce barriers to renewable power adoption by optimizing project sites, selects the best renewable resource mix, and identifies the best system design to ensure reliable, affordable power system operations.

Download our PowerAlpha Case Studies

Learn how PowerAlpha is at work in our collection of case studies.

Case Study: PowerAlpha 24/7 Carbon Free Energy
Learn how PowerAlpha, an AI-driven software with cutting-edge hybrid solutions and energy storage can unlock 24/7 access to clean, affordable power.

Case Study: Surplus interconnection Optimization
How PowerAlpha and hybrid assets drive higher utilization for existing energy infrastructure.

Case Study: GIS PowerAlpha Integration
How PowerAlpha can pick the best land and configurations to drive the highest project returns.

Watch the First AI Energy Leadeship Summit in the U.S.

On April 17, BrightNight convened some of the most sought-after and respected Energy sector leaders from across the United States in Washington, D.C., for the first-ever AI Energy leadership summit in the U.S. to discuss how Artificial Intelligence is revolutionizing the path toward global decarbonization. The summit featured the U.S. Under Secretary of Energy for Science and Technology, Dr. Geraldine Richmond, along with senior leaders from the Biden Administration, U.S. Congress, NVIDIA, Google, Intel, IBM, Bank of America, EEI, KPMG, EPRI, and other organizations.

The inaugural “AI: Powering the New Energy Era” leadership summit hosted more than 30 outstanding speakers, and 500+ industry leaders, policymakers, researchers, investors, and academics who joined the summit in person in DC and virtually online for a day full of engaging discussions on this timely and important topic. We heard industry and government leaders debate the solutions and challenges, and address critical issues such as policy, technology, financing, and collaboration.

The full event replay is available below. We hope you will enjoy revisiting the enlightening keynotes and engaging panel discussions from the first leadership summit in the U.S. exclusively dedicated to exploring the influence of Artificial Intelligence on the Energy sector.

Using these unique capabilities, BrightNight can reduce the complexity of finding and utilizing land, gaining a competitive edge as an Independent Power Producer (IPP).

— Martin Hermann, BrightNight CEO

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