Reliable, Renewable Power to Support Australia's Green Energy Future

BrightNight Australia

BrightNight is an international renewable, independent power producer built to deliver industry-leading, large-scale solutions. We work to deliver dispatchable renewable power capacity to utilities and commercial & industrial (C&I) companies around the globe. We are excited to introduce our experienced team and innovative solutions to Australia.

Beyond supplying affordable and readily dispatchable power, we recognise the green energy transition impacts each community in unique ways. We want to understand what is important to our projects’ neighbours, share our experience, and move into the future in lockstep with the communities we serve. As the long-term owner of our renewable projects, BrightNight’s engagement with communities is based on an enduring relationship. We make an effort to inform, educate, gather feedback, and adapt throughout each project’s operational lifetime.

solar field with windmill

The BrightNight Difference

We develop, design, construct, and operate renewable power projects that our customers actually need. Our projects go beyond the standard renewable energy design. We provide customers with hybrid, multi-technology, dispatchable solutions aimed to support decarbonisation and overcome the challenges of intermittent renewable supply. Across the globe, BrightNight supports renewable power investments with our safe, reliable, and economical solutions.

Our Experienced Team

BrightNight’s Australia team is passionate, driven, and committed to determining the best energy storage and dispatch solution for each community. Our local experts are backed by industry leaders worldwide with a proven record of developing, delivering, and operating large-scale renewable energy projects.

Our team is eager to share our cutting-edge hybrid model of co-located renewable generation (large-scale solar photovoltaic (PV) and wind) and battery energy storage systems (BESS) that help make renewable energy more affordable.

Featured Project: The Mortlake Energy Hub

Mortlake in southwest regional Victoria has been identified as the preferred location for BrightNight’s Energy Hub Project. The site has been chosen due to its close proximity to an existing substation, meaning existing power infrastructure can be utilised. It will allow solar energy to be stored in the BESS and distributed quickly and efficiently to homes and businesses in peak demand when the sun isn’t shining.

Learn more at the Mortlake Energy Hub Project Page 


Our Local Leaders

Polly Baranco, Country Head, Australia

Polly is an international energy market leader anchored in creating value for customers. She brings a strong background in energy finance and M&A process and development. Her work across the U.S.A., U.K. and Australia has helped grow regional energy investment, built strong local relationships with institutional investors, and fostered collaboration between industry and local governments working to expand renewable energy investment.

Ray Chan, Head of Development, Australia

Ray has been an integral part of Australia’s renewable energy transition since 2008 when he began the renewable energy division at GHD, a globally renowned engineering consultant. Ray then worked for Esco Pacific, a solar developer, leading their engineering team. More recently he led development at South Energy, until he joined BrightNight in 2023. Ray’s expertise and technical acumen are key to ensuring the Company’s pipeline is accretive and provides the right solution for the market.