BrightNight Advisory Board Addition Signals Big Plans

Former SEIA leader Rhone Resch joins a growing board of industry leaders.

Inlet Beach, Florida – BrightNight is pleased to announce the newest addition to its board of advisors: Rhone Resch, President and Chief Revenue Officer of Solarlytics and former President and CEO of SEIA. After successfully lobbying in support of the Investment Tax Credit (ITC) in 2008 and its long-term renewal in 2015, Rhone Resch is one of the industry’s most accomplished figures. The addition of Mr. Resch to BrightNight’s board of notable industry leaders further indicates the company is well-positioned to stand out as an advanced renewable power provider. When discussing BrightNight’s unique approach to hybrid power design, Mr. Resch said, “As the energy market undergoes a massive transformation, it will be critical for regulators and power producers to work together in order to meet demands created by decarbonization. No other company has been purpose-built to specifically address these needs and I’m excited to lend my experience in support of this work at BrightNight.” With renewables poised to energize an unprecedented amount of power over the next five to ten years, BrightNight is setting a new standard for renewable power solutions. In contrast with standard intermittent renewable energy, BrightNight’s hybrid renewable power solutions arm customers with industry leading dispatchability and reliability without compromising safety or profitability. In addition to its growing portfolio across the Asia Pacific region, BrightNight’s highly-specialized approach has already generated a pipeline of projects across 14 U.S. states and 18 transmission systems. During a recent interview, BrightNight CEO Martin Hermann said, “We are excited to benefit from Rhone’s industry leading knowledge of energy regulation. This transformational shift in power generation requires regulators, utilities, grid operators and independent power producers (IPPs) to all work on safe, reliable, and affordable clean power solutions. We plan to utilize Rhone’s valuable experience so we can deliver the highest value renewable power solutions at industry-leading economics to our customers, not just in the U.S. but also the Asia Pacific region.”

Rhone Resch is a twenty-year veteran of the energy industry and is a recognized international leader in clean energy. Currently the President and Chief Revenue Officer at Solarlytics, Inc., he is responsible for all business and strategic planning, sales, marketing, financing, and commercializing of new products. As a BrightNight board member, Rhone brings his forward-thinking vision and energetic leadership style in support of BrightNight’s policy strategy, utility solution design, and technology strategy.


BrightNight is the first renewable integrated power company designed to provide utility and commercial and industrial customers with clean, dispatchable renewable power solutions. BrightNight works with customers across the U.S. and Asia Pacific to design, develop, and operate safe, reliable, large-scale, hybrid renewable power projects optimized to better manage the intermittent nature of renewable energy. Its deep customer engagement process, team of proven power experts, and industry-leading prices empower customers to overcome challenging energy sustainability standards, rapidly changing grid dynamics, and the transition away from fossil fuel generation.