BrightNight Unveils PowerAlpha® Artificial Intelligence Software Platform at the “AI: Powering the New Energy Era” Summit in Washington D.C.

Trailblazing integrated AI platform ushers in an era of firm, affordable, clean energy.

BrightNight, the next-generation global renewable power producer built to deliver clean and dispatchable solutions, today introduced PowerAlpha®, the proprietary software platform that uses cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence, data analytics, and cloud computing to design, optimize, and operate renewable power plants with industry-leading economics.

PowerAlpha was unveiled today at the “AI: Powering the New Energy Era” summit in Washington, D.C. Sponsored by BrightNight and hosted by the Foundation for American Science and Technology, it is the first independent industry summit in North America exclusively dedicated to exploring the influence of Artificial Intelligence on the energy sector. The summit brought together senior public officials, policymakers, energy industry leaders, experts, academia, and investors, including co-sponsors NVIDIA, IBM, and Qcells, and representatives from the Department of Energy, U.S. Congress, Intel, Alphabet (Google), EEI, Bank of America, KPMG, EPRI, and other organizations.

BrightNight’s PowerAlpha platform accelerates the global clean energy transition and decarbonization by ensuring the generation of reliable power at the lowest cost attainable in various geographies and power grids globally. Its benefits as realized in the design, optimize, and operate stages within the project’s lifecycle include:

  • Designs optimal renewable power solutions to reliably meet the growing load on the power grid. It takes a net value optimization approach to optimize every project for every customer’s specific needs through dispatchable firm and semi-firm hybrid power solutions.
  • Optimizes lifetime project cost and value by centralizing the engineering, development, financing, operation, and maintenance of renewable power plants in a single integrated platform, with a singular focus on serving customer needs at lowest cost and highest reliability.
  • Operates renewable projects seamlessly and efficiently by significantly improving forecast accuracy through AI-driven analytics, bringing significant cost savings for renewable asset operators.
  • Enables customers to make optimal asset allocation decisions, engage in long-term resource planning, define replacement or augmentation strategies, and enhance the utilization of power transmission infrastructure. Ultimately, PowerAlpha® helps BrightNight’s customers put renewable resources where they make the most impact and achieve their clean energy goals.
  • Designs around-the-clock, high-load-factor solutions for data centers, delivering up to 99% load factor at significantly lower cost compared with available market alternatives.

PowerAlpha’s unique dispatch hybrid controls interface can also be integrated with utilities’ Energy Management Systems for even more operational efficiency and integrated asset management solutions. Also, with the increasing demand for more power to support the growing use of AI applications and corresponding data centers, PowerAlpha is leveraging AI capabilities to drive greater efficiencies, better designs, and higher capacity renewable projects.

Martin Hermann, CEO of BrightNight, said: “Through relentless innovation, the dream of a sustainable clean energy transition, where renewable power is affordable and reliable, is now within reach. The integration of Artificial Intelligence with renewable energy offers solutions to numerous challenges, from demand forecasting and smart grid management to labor shortages and the design of efficient power projects. I am proud that BrightNight is at the forefront of this technological revolution, bringing the clean energy transition closer to reality than ever before.”

Kiran Kumaraswamy, CTO of BrightNight, said: “PowerAlpha® provides a fully integrated platform that is highly differentiated in the marketplace in its ability to design, optimize, and operate hybrid renewable power projects with cutting edge capabilities enabled by AI and utilizing patent-pending algorithms.  Our team is redefining industry standards, optimizing renewable projects globally to integrate new load like data centers and increase utilization of existing infrastructure.”

BrightNight has delivered a number of PowerAlpha® projects and use cases in the U.S. and globally, where it is helping customers optimize existing transmissions infrastructure, integrate long and short duration storage solutions, increase capacity, and improve dispatchability of renewable assets, as well as repower existing projects.

BrightNight’s is also using PowerAlpha to develop projects with its partner in India and the Philippines, ACEN, one of Asia’s leading renewable companies. ACEN Group CIO Patrice Clausse said, “PowerAlpha has been an important enabler for our investment decision-making. We feel confident leveraging its capabilities to simulate the performance of numerous hybrid renewable power plant configurations incorporating solar, wind, and energy storage and identify the most efficient configuration. This has enabled us to optimize our plant configuration and was a critical component in our recent tender wins.”

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BrightNight is the first global renewable integrated power company designed to provide utility and commercial and industrial customers with clean, dispatchable renewable power solutions. BrightNight works with customers across the U.S. and Asia Pacific to design, develop, and operate safe, reliable, large-scale renewable power projects optimized through its proprietary software platform PowerAlpha® to better manage the intermittent nature of renewable energy. Its deep customer engagement process, team of proven power experts, and industry-leading solutions enable customers to overcome challenging energy sustainability standards, rapidly changing grid dynamics, and the transition away from fossil fuel generation. To learn more, please visit: