Renewable Industry Leader Joins BrightNight as Chief Technology Officer

April 17, 2023, West Palm Beach, FL – BrightNight, the next generation renewable power producer built to deliver clean and dispatchable solutions, today announced Kiran Kumaraswamy has joined BrightNight as Chief Technology Officer. Kiran will lead the company’s technology and engineering teams as BrightNight helps lead the buildout of utility-scale renewable power solutions with its leading-edge approach to project optimization.

Kiran brings nearly 20-years of experience in the technology and engineering sectors to BrightNight and is a recognized renewables and battery energy storage expert in the US and global markets. Kiran is a frequent speaker at industry conferences on policy issues that impact renewables and has testified multiple times at the US Congress and the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) on various subjects, including wholesale market reforms and multiple use cases for energy storage.  Kiran currently serves on the Board of Directors of the American Clean Power Association (ACP) and has previously served as the Chair of the Board of Directors for the US Energy Storage Association (ESA).

In his previous roles, Kiran held leadership positions with AES and Fluence developing, growing, and bringing to market new applications of renewable and energy storage technologies.  Kiran’s notable accomplishments include identifying new commercial models to enable go-to-market strategies for key markets, managing analytic models related to economic value of storage and implementing regulatory solutions that create access to customer segments.

Prior to joining Fluence, he worked as a Senior Manager at ICF International, advising private sector clients on wholesale power market and transmission issues. Kiran will bring this expansive renewable and economic battery energy storage knowledge to his role at BrightNight and create a successful commercial bridge between technology and engineering.

BrightNight CEO Martin Hermann shared, “I’m thrilled that BrightNight continues to attract the best minds in our industry. Kiran’s experience will support BrightNight’s mission to provide our customers with solutions honed to go beyond the industry standard by eliminating the limitations of intermittent renewable energy generation.” Hermann added, “BrightNight has built a talented team of energy leaders, a global 23-gigawatts portfolio, and a proprietary optimization software platform, PowerAlphaTM. With Kiran’s leadership, BrightNight is further positioned to help meet the urgent demand for new and replacement generation.”

Kiran commented, “Martin has an incredible vision of enabling the gradual adoption of 100% renewable energy, and I am proud to join BrightNight to enable the pathway by using technology and engineering to unlock maximum value for our customers.  It is also an incredible honor and privilege to lead this highly innovative team of technology and engineering professionals into the next phase of BrightNight’s growth trajectory.”