Senior Energy Data Analyst

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About BrightNight

BrightNight delivers innovative, cost-efficient renewable power systems to high-growth energy markets worldwide. Our industry-leading experts design hybrid, dispatchable, renewable power solutions specifically tailored to customer needs. We implement the most current, cutting-edge technologies the carbon-alternative power sector has to offer—at the highest value and lowest cost. Our team’s expertise, knowledge, and strong financial partnerships have established BrightNight as an emerging leader in the renewable power industry. Learn why the most experienced names in the energy industry are coming to work for BrightNight.

The Role

As a Senior Energy Data Analyst, you will be responsible for advancing BrightNight’s analytical capabilities for utility scale solar, storage, wind, and hydrogen projects. You will use existing platforms and build new models for energy and economic assessment of the company’s projects in the US and other markets globally. The role involves application of mathematical optimization models and expanding them to cover broader range of use cases. You will analyze historical data, quantify uncertainties, and make statistical inferences, and use your experience to develop and implement green hydrogen production models based on emerging technology and market trends.

The Opportunity

The Senior Energy Data Analyst will be instrumental in developing innovative clean energy solutions that deliver clean, firm, dispatchable power to BrightNight’s customers in various global markets. You will work closely with BrightNight’s software development team, BrightNight’s internal functional teams including Origination, Development, Engineering and Project Finance, regional teams in the US and Asia-Pacific, and with external customers, financing parties, and other stakeholders, as needed. You will have the opportunity to work in a dynamic organization and interact with highly talented team members in various areas of expertise.



·        Use hybrid dispatchable renewable energy models including solar, wind, and energy storage to analyse and optimize project designs

·        Build and expand techno-economic green hydrogen models based on emerging technology and market trends

·        Use internal and external tools for project cost and value assessment, merchant market valuation

·        Gather, scope, and deliver against data needs of different cross-functional stakeholders

·        Assist with day-to-day data analytics needs, adopt consistent processes to enhance quality and reduce turnaround time of analytics tasks, effectively communicate results to internal and external stakeholders

Qualifications – Required

·        Experience in renewables and energy storage modeling, hybrid renewable plants, dispatch optimization

·        Python programming and experience with common data analytics libraries

·        Familiarity with exploratory data analytics, time series manipulation, and statistical approaches to data analysis

·        Experienced with convex optimization techniques, models, and solvers

·        Able to collaborate with a dynamic and diverse SW development team

·        Organized, detail-oriented, able to handle priorities in a fast-paced environment

·        Strong written, verbal and interpersonal communication skills

Qualifications – Preferred

·        Bachelor’s degree in Engineering with minimum 3 years of experience in an energy analytics role

·        Familiarity with common structures and revenue models in the US wholesale power markets

·        Familiarity with green hydrogen production models and cost structure

·        Experience developing basic machine learning models

·        Experience with common software development tools and practices (git, Jira, unit testing)