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SEPA Utility Conference

About BrightNight

BrightNight is the first purpose-built renewable power company founded to address the needs created by our transforming energy industry. We develop, construct, and operate leading-edge hybrid renewable power projects with dispatchable designs that overcome the limitations of intermittent renewable energy.

We deliver the solutions utilities need

BrightNight understands the challenges utilities face. From capacity retirements to the changing regulatory landscape, the importance of a trusted partner has never been more important. At BrightNight, our systems consider a utility’s long-term generation plan, the needs of its energy intensive customers, the demands imposed by increasing needs for resiliency, and the utility’s commitment to safety. BrightNight’s 19 GW development pipeline growing and located across the U.S., ready to meet the needs of our utility customers. Whether you’re looking for “as available” renewable power or in need of dispatchable capacity capable of meeting baseload generation, the BrightNight team is ready to mobilize to meet your needs.

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